image from a personal project / work in progress since January 2012 | as seen in le journal de la photographie

Anna is a professional photographer currently based in Athens, Greece. She has previous experience in the animation and design industries and holds a BA(hons) in Product Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London (Now UOA). She is currently a correspondent for foreign press and local media | Fluent in French, Greek and English | Email me: info (at) annapsaroudakis (dot) com

In 2014 I witnessed the emergence of the passengers of the ship Mataroa through the vivid rehearsals of the play Mataroa-La mémoire trouée. A juxtaposition of parallel histories became evident, becoming my prime point of interest. Much took place at the theater collective of La Cartoucherie, an old munitions factory on the outskirts of Paris, famed for its controversial work since the mid-sixties. The play would deal with a WW2 period of Greece, where through the intervention of French officials, the New Zealand ship Mataroa was chartered to deliver Greek students, artists and scientists to Paris in the pursuit of success, evidently unobtainable in Greece at the time. The play developed through the study of various historical documents and the subsequent book of one of the passengers, under the posing atmosphere of the Theatre du Soleil. This is an observation of these parallel worlds.

A selection of the work is shown at the 2015 Athens Photography festival

A work in progress observing how the Greek financial crisis is impacting human relationships. With a deterioration in the public health and education sectors and continuous increase in unemployment there has also been a rise in physical and psychological violence placing human rights well into question in particular amidst the immigrant population. A presentation of selected images were part of the "Greetings from Greece" event in Montpellier, France | 9-10/3/12 youtubeit

After decades of rivalry between New Democracy and the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK), Greece's two dominant parties lost votes to the radical left SYRIZA and the extreme right wing Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi). The failure to form a Coalition Government on the 6th of May Elections called for a repeat round on June 17th, leaving an Interim Government in place throughout this period. The radical right wing Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) had joined the 2011-2012 Interim Coalition of the Lucas Papademos Cabinet - It was the first time that a right wing party had participated in Government after the fall of the 1974 military Junta. LAOS's pro-Memorandum stance resulted in an important number of conservative followers pulling votes. In the first round LAOS dropped below the 3% threshold therefore failing to secure seats in Parliament, thus paving the way for Golden Dawn to enter for the first time. SYRIZA, a former Coalition of the radical left and now a united Party, is currently the main opposition for the Coalition of New Democracy, PASOK and the Democratic Left.
Austerity cuts are already excessively severe under the inevitable implementation of a 3rd Memorandum. Amidst fear of a deepening of the crisis with a 25% unemployment rate, the pressure keeps on mounting under close watch from the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. What will happen in Greece over the next year is still anyone's guess.